The Brand

ANNABELLA MOORE is a London-based jewellery brand that combines quirky charm with thoughtful nuances. Newly launched in 2017, ANNABELLA MOORE is perfectly poised to meet the gifting needs of those who are looking for something uniquely special and meaningful.

ANNABELLA MOORE creates handcrafted, sterling silver jewellery collections, that marks the real moments in the journey of life. From goals and obstacles, travels and experiences, to love and family, there’s a memento for each and every memory, hope, dream and wish – a selection of chic directional pieces, timeless classics, whimsical charms and sophisticated pieces to remind us of what matters most.

Each piece is packaged in delicate glass corked bottles, taking the well-known adage ‘a message in a bottle’ to new heights. Each bottle has its own miniature scroll of notepaper, to carry a thoughtful message from giver to receiver, which is entwined with an item of ANNABELLA MOORE jewellery. Capturing the enchanting essence of mystery behind the ‘message in a bottle’ folklore, magic and charm is added to gifting, ensuring ANNABELLA MOORE jewellery is received with delight

With philanthropy at its heart, the brand currently gives a percentage of profits to Seeing is Believing, a charity which works to improve access to affordable and quality eye care. With plans to align with more charities in the future.  

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